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tv   Fast Money  CNBC  January 24, 2018 5:00pm-6:00pm EST

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quick, let's talk about earnings let's do a quick check of all the names moving since they posted results earlier this hour, s 5 up 2%. las vegas fans down slightly negative whirlpool slightly negative. a lot to listen to on the conditions of call, especially with whil pool, especially given what happened with tariffs that does it for "closing bell." >> >> "fast money" starts right now, live from the nasdaq market site overlooking new york city's times square i'm melissa lee. pete najarian, tim seymour, guy adami. >> hold on for dear life, it is heading to $30,000 this year. as media deals heat up, lion's gate seems to be one of the hottest take over targets out there. michael burns will be here for a special game of deal or no deal.
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andy cohen joins us for a candid interview that could have hollywood and wall street talking. a wild day on the markets. stocks surging 200 points before reversing lower triple digit and turning around and ending at a record high. at the center of the moves today, the dollar. it's crazy look at it it's more of an interpreted chart but that's the dollar going lower and lower. the action today coming after conflicting signals from the trump administration the us what did clarify saying they believe in a free floating currency, which traders took as a bullish signed traders had only one question today. how low can it go. is it about to go from tail wind to head wind for stock pete >> was that you in the video >> i to not do that. my knees. >> okay. >> i think it has more to do with the velocity.
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the velocity of the moves though i think is what really matters what is really interesting is the volumes that we've seen so far this year. i was talking about that last week a little bit, too but it continues this week i mean the volumes and the options in this world have been spectacular. it's huge. what did we see yesterday. we saw ewj, ewz, eem basically, the international world of what we are seeing right now. huge paper coming into those areas. so -- but on top of that we are still seeing spider paper as well, the s&p 500, so we are seeing a lint of both. emes to be a bullishness about the global economies and how strong things are. i usually don't eight pay attention to the dollar that much but if the velocity of the direction of the dollar starts to shift i pay attention. >> the dollar is at three year high, treasury the ten year is a three year high. they used to be correlated right now there is a breakdown where do you take your cues
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from. >> it's crazy waking up today hearing the treasury secretary talking about a weaker dollar. is this all china? i find it strange. the dollar, 88.50 on the dxy, which is usually around a dollar euro and a dollar yen. import price inflation, as good as it is for multinationals it is going to import a lot of inflation. i think it's fantastic for asset prices if you look at the dollar chart, remember those inverse dollar trades inverse currencies, watch the mexican peso brazil broke out today copper is up 3.5%. oil continues to get a huge boost from this. largely, i think for assets, weaker dollar -- this is a massive, massive boost on an asset run that has had a lot of run. >> it goes right to materials. this conversation tim started
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months ago but we continue to have it the material sector should do well in this environment should it be a tail win for multinationals, a weaker dollar? yes, it will be. think about this quickly, if our economy is 73% the consumer. if your buying power is being dwindled away on a daily basis then you have a treasury secretary talking about a weaker dollar being good for the united states, it might be good for multinationals it's not good for the consumer, on top of which if this inflation is imported, it is a double whammy. while i think it is a complete tail wind for companies and potentially stocks, the consumer is the real loser here. >> yeah, so, listen, the dollar going this way has been a non-contrarian trade everyone is convinced we are in a rate tightening cycle, all of 2017 and 2018 the dollar would rally. doesn't lock was saying you are all wrong it's going lower but i find it interesting that the assumption that it is a tail wind for multinationals is that
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an assumption that they continue to hedge in a way that's beneficial to their earnings, relative to what we are taking overseas that's a big assumption. we have seen volatility over the last year and a half in currencies in rates. not in the stock market. the vix was trading at nine earlier this year. now it's up a couple of points, 11.5, and the stock market inches higher. volatility doesn't want to budge. and when we look at the volatility in single stocks today, texas instruments down 8.5%, united airlines, down 10%. these were stocks off on big rips you know the saying, escalator up, elevator down. if we see intraday moves in the stock market, which wasn't substantial but we are going on a 400th day without a 5% decline, the longest period in 90 years that it happened.
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to me, you may want to think about correlations, because it has been inching up higher you may think about what you own, why you own it, how it's valued, what are the expectations and where can it go from here out in 2018. >> you think folks are overly positioned to a weak dollar in their portfolio. >> complacent about it. >> if we see reversion -- >> that's a good point think about how deadly the dollar was when it was going higher i think for a lot of these asset stories. forget the emerging markets and the things we just talked about. but a lot of the industrials we were talking about the pain trade there. does the dollar belong at 89.5 on the dxy think about it this way. do you think that the euro is overvalued here? i do not i think it's unvalued. i think it's going to be at 130, if not 135 by the end of this year to me that puts downward pressure on the dollar i do think there are u.s. multinational companies that he
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would talked at length about about where the dollar in those areas of the strong dollar days, and i think people are actually forgetting that the dollar could reverse on them. >> what is interesting is that these multinational companies or the companies that wouldn't benefit as much from tax reform because most of the profits come from i don't have seas now everybody gets a benefit from someplace at this point. >> somewhere >> a tail wind for everybody. >> talk about the goalie locks everywhere you seem to look it seems like there is a story about something like that i think what is interesting to me, we talk about financial, industrials, talk about the technology, i think the strength of this market continues to be something that's been involved in the 2017 run, which is rotation what we saw today is when we saw the smi conductors getting pushed to the downside, technology was getting pushed down but financials looked good industrials looked pretty good so it's just the strength this rotation i think that stands out the me that makes this rally
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believe. are some of these names absolute any the stats fear absolutely some of them are throwing off incredible amounts of cash also interesting i think you need to be selective about which part of the market i want to be in and which stocks. >> for more on the weak dollar and how to play it let's go off the charts for your money in motion friend remember that program? shawn goredon at the plasma. >> i think it's been a long time, five years the dollar is at a really critical juncture here tim said it's crazy town here. the u.s. dollar index is in a well contained trend channel if you were to correct the high, krol copy paste and make a parallel we have perfect symmetry on the way up more over we have old highs around the $88 this is a nice coincidence of support. the decision happens here. depending on the angle, it's going to be around 88 or as low
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as 86. if we break down from there, that is a major breakdown, a dollar free fall could be in place. 50/50 chance we go high or low from here. that's your decision point as emerging markets. beautiful chart, inverse correlation of the u.s. dollar in orange on the right scale emerging markets on the left scale. as eam is going higher, dollar is going lower what is happening has been a major flow of capital into emerging markets which is starting to get their central banks worried. they are becoming hawkish, increasing interest rates, which is driving their currencies, pushing that dollar lower. kind of a feedback move. as the emerging markets are pushing higher the dollar is lower. you know that 86 level, we push you are through there the emerging markets could continue to go. the next thing, the reflagsary trade. gold this rt cha, really just a very
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simple clearly defined level 1400 if you were to go a year or two back, gold came from 1900 forming a base if we whip up through 1400 there is going to be a lot of stops thrown off there one thing i would throw out to you is if the stock market heads lower, gold could get a boost. if the it goes higher through the higher dollar, gold to get a boost. >> i know it is a technical call on gold. dollar doing what it's doing, you have had this political whatever you want to do it is gold has done virtually nothing. >> it has been super quiet but back to the ole money motion days. >> five years ago. >> you know, when foreign exchange tends to move it goes bananas. when it's quiet it's really quiet. and gold kind of trades as a currency maybe the dollar and fold has been quiet for while and it's time to go a little haywire. >> todd thank you, todd gordon
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formerly of money in motion. >> money in motion, man. >> that was quite a show. >> friday at 5:30. >> yeah. >> let's go to gold. >> tim said it hasn't done a lot. it has had a slow, steady move to the up side i do think it is on the verge of potentially breaking out look at gdx, steady move sideways to slightly higher the last six months. i think that's going to make a move higher. the fact that you have steve mooun mnuchin talk about a weaker dollar policy on the back of president trump talking effectively about it six months ago leads one the believe although they have not said it officially the policy this country is weaker dollar, stronger commodities, stronger gold. >> when was the last time you heard the country's testry talking about this. >> it's been a long time >> you talk about the relative underperformance versus a lot of
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similar assets, if you don't think that cryptocurrency is gaining $200 billion in the last year has eaten into gold -- what do they call it, bitcoin is the digital gold the me it seems like gold is for your grandpa now and it's all with crypto for the millennials. >> i think that's fair but i don't think we have a lot of gold bugs on this show. we used to bottom line is, i think gold as an inflation hedge, political hedge, as a chaos hedge, when you have been flat for the last two years, especially with the dollar down 1% in the last two months that's not a trade that did you well. >> the bitcoin boom, it's not over yet, at least organizing according to one top analyst he says it's going to $30,000 by the end of this year >> what is he smoking? maybe marijuana, the pot trade is heating up. we will talk pot stock. and finally airlines getting
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grounded as united spark fears of a pricing war after you hear what the ceo of united said today, you might want to book some shares we'll explain when "fast money" we'll explain when "fast money" returns. not that great at yoga ya but when i slipped a disc, he paid my claim in just one day. so he had your back? yup in just one day, we process, approve and pay. one day pay. only from aflac
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welcome back to "fast
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money. shares of united getting slammed after its earnings report and taking down the whole space with it after spiking fears of a pricing war. despite the carnage, the ceo thinks the shares look cheap listen to oscar munoz said on cnbc earlier today. >> we expected it, we expected it in this range i think it is a buying opportunity. i think over the course of the next couple of days when everything settled in and everybody absorbs the story we told about the strategic path forward that's define with the accountable measures at the bottom, they will buy it. >> is he right. >> first question i have, is united in a buyback program? >> no. i think ultimately this is a case where -- >> it is a meaningless comment. >> it is a strange comment but not a strange comment for a guy who obviously wants to endorse his company. he has had a little trouble communicating to the market frankly over the last year and a half and i think for investors that
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thought that things had changed in the airlines sector over the last few years, what united said yesterday was something that has people start to challenge that and therefore i don't think this sentiment changes overnight. and i think if you think about united saying you know what, we are actually going to take on the low cost carriers and we are going to cut prices and we are going to do all these things that are going the wreck our margins, that has people sending the stock down 10%. >> they saw err on the side of saying less not more maybe he blurted that out. he shouldn't be speaking to the valuation of his company or the space in general united is not a name we gravitated forwards for number of reasons pete likes alaska air for the sam reasons we like delta. their capacity growth was disappointing. that's is what took down the rest of the space. i think delta is the best positions and in terms of
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valuation maybe the most attractive but i can understand why if you have been in the space and enjoyed what has been a decent run over the last couple of weeks today those comments scared you considerably. >> it will be interesting to see what doug parker of american has to say he will be on "power lunch" tomorrow at 1:00 with phil see whether or not he can allay these concerns. >> the biggest problem we thought we were over the whole thing, the increased capacity and going after each other once again and all of that and possibly the pricing wars. it is more of an attack on the discount carriers. it is not an international thing. it's interesting it's interesting to hear him say our stock is buyable i love what a lot of these ceos have done. >> when they say buyable and they buy it. >> they execute. >> energy prices have been rising we all know that, they have moved to the upside.
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that becomes a head wind as well delta has the refining acquisition they made. that helps they have thrown off cash. they trade interesting when you talk about single p/e. >> do you own. >> i don't delta. >> down 5%. >> 5% at delta wasn't that big a deal i don't see why i need to be in united right now. >> you >> i did a trim across the board and i said last night that i probably wasn't. to be clear, what changed? >> munoz. >> yeah. i listened to a sector that's feeding upon its self and the big three are in massive competition with each other. i don't think this changes overnight in terms of sentiment. >> how does it change sentiment. >> it does >> two weeks ago it went from 69 to 79, and now it's given it back in one day. i think sentiment changed in the space. >> apple's stock sinking
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it could be about to get worse for the tech giant. >> i'm melissa lee you are watching "fast money." in the meantime, here's what else is coming up on fast. if it seems like bitcoin is making a series of lower highs that's because bitcoin is making a series of lower highs. but according to a top research firm, it's about to triple oh, good that makes me feel so much better. >> the man behind the call will explain what has him so bullish. plus -- >> let's make a deal. >> that's what investors in media stocks think will happen and the head of lion's gate will be here to separate fact from fiction when "fast money" returns. you always pay
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you have switched your view a lib on this? >> i think you all have said enough i'm not going to say any more. >> you have been popping this whole thing. you talk about it too much you should stop talking about it and go back to something relevant it's not my interest i don't want to be a spokesman for or against. >> not on this show. that was jamie dimon this morning in davos where he doubled down on his skepticism of bitcoin as you know, jp morgan missed the mark on where the cryptocurrency will trade. it soared 158% since his comment. is jamie dimon the contrarian crypto indicator dan? >> i don't think so. i like what he said this morning. basically saying listen, there are people at my firm looking at blockchain, some people at block firm who are interested in the notion of cryptocurrencies but i'm not going to talk about it most of the major banks aren't really talking about it.
5:24 pm
lloyd blank fine wouldn't answer the questions either about building a trading arm i don't know jamie is a contrarian call here. >> i think he was asking he didn't ask to be the spokesman for or against that's a fair comment. unfortuna unfortunately, we all listen to him. clearly, i think people are going to extend his words in places and maybe he becomes one by a default. >> he came at it so adamantly. it is a fraud. he said so many things up to fraud. >> he opened up this box >> right >> because he went all the way to the extreme against it. >> what i'm taking away from this is not necessarily a pro or con. he is just saying we spend too much time on it. he thinks there are other areas of the market we should be looking at whether it is the dollar, something this turnings, but he is definitely pushing. go ahead. >> i think pete is right he called ate fraud -- i can't get inside mr. diamond's head but i will play the game
5:25 pm
i don't think he was talking about where the price was going. >> right. >> if he made the same comments when bitcoin was trading north of $15,000 and it traded two days later at $20,000 we would be saying what a genius he was in terms of his anticipation of said move. >> of said move. >> i don't think anything has changed other than the fact that his call happened when it was a $6,000 instead of a $15,000 item. >> he runs one of the biggest banks in the world and he seeis block change technology as something that could disseminate in many different businesses he has. it he also sees it as a massive drain on talent. massive tech minds are working on this and they are not working at bank. i think he is looking at it in the rearview mirror saying there is nothing here other than risk for me that's probably why it is coming out the way it is. i don't think any of these interviews come out well i think it looks bad
5:26 pm
but it's saying we are not focused on it. ear doing what we do havate at it millennials. >> jamie, we know you watch our show, our next guest says bitcoin could hit $30,000 by the end of the year. dan bet oly joins us and tells us what could drive the next bitcoin boom great to have you with us? >> good to be here you >> lowered your bitcoin forecast mainly because of the pullback but you say it's light thing that's going to be the real drive of value can you explain. >> up that the lightning network could be really huge for bitcoin in 2018. because what i'm not seeing now is commerce involving bitcoin. so no one is actually selling goods or services for bitcoin in a way that's profitable to them. because those transaction fees are just so high so with lightning network you would see a big reduction in transaction fees and i think that would bring in the next
5:27 pm
wave of people to the bitcoin ecosystem. >> and so this will impact bitcoin more so than other cryptocurrencies that are also trying to speed up -- i mean some of them have faster transaction speeds >> so there are differences, of course, among all the cryptocurrencies but the impact of lightning network will be limited to, i believe, bitcoin and lite coin those are the ones i'm aware of off the top of my head ethereum has a bit faster transactions than bitcoin. but it could still run into the same issue if it gets the same usage that bitcoin does. >> so, dan, before woe get farther into this conversation can you explain in simple, layman's terms, what the lightning network is and does. >> so the lightning network essentially facilitates agreements between people to
5:28 pm
transact off chain so you are find of trusting -- so bitcoin was made to kind of be this trustless network. but with lightning, you are trusting that other person but if there is a dispute, you can take that to the blockchain as kind of a settlement layer. >> dan, is there a publicly traded bank or financial institution that the folks at home have heard of, for example,city or jp morgan or morgan stanley that has separated themselves in terms of integrating or the potential integration of blockchain going forward? >> that's not really my area of expertise. you would have to ask paul hickey about that one. >> we will do that dan, we will leave it there. thank for your time. >> thank you, that. >> dan cher tolly of bespoke. >>city bank is in the block etf. >> i think one of the bear cases with bitcoin is that it's called a cryptocurrency, but yet it's not used -- >> it is not a currency. >> it's not used to transact
5:29 pm
people think of it a a store of value. what they are talking about with the lightning network is they are making it more usable and it's going to create larger motorcycle effects and more users are going to make it more valuable that sort of thin. if you like bitcoin for lightning, then you like ethereum because of what they are doing with smart contracts there. he does bring up the point about speed, transaction speeds. that's something these networks are going to have to upgrade all the time to me, yeah, for you guys out there, maybe that wasn't enough on lightning read about it. that is a major part of the bitcoin case. >> ethereum, this lightning network could make those faster as well? i didn't think it was critical unless you are making payments. >> it's about basically building apps for the decentralized web for me the way i think about buying these two, i am a speculator, not bk or one of
5:30 pm
these experts. those are the use cases i want to be focus on these crypto assets because to me that's interesting from a technology standpoint. >> it is interesting the hear that congestion on the networks is something these guys needs to overcome ethereum at least seems to have a technology solution. that's why it's heating up. has anyone approached lion's gate for a takeover? michael burns will be here to separate fact from fiction. plus, we will step up to the plate and pitch one hot stock. > can you are counting at home, that's three cheesy puns in one piece back after this. i don't have my keys. (on intercom) all hands. we are looking for the captain's keys again.
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welcome back to "fast money. apple and the semis getting crushed today. josh lipton is in san francisco with all the details. >> apple will report earnings results next week. ahead of that report some on the street are raising new questions. the latest, bernstein's tony sack naggy rates apple outperform price target at $195. but he says that while his analysis points to limited risk to december quarter iphone units
5:34 pm
he sees weak sequential growth for the march quarter. how would 70ors react? he says it's hard to know. have theors might have to bounce disappointing iphone unit growth with encouraging pricing pure which he says could offset much of that weakan this follows a down beat note from jp morgan under analysts predict weak iphone x orders and say manufacturing of that device might be down 50% between the december and march quarters. on the other hand a bullish take from the team at kenna core jen youity they raised their price of apple to $200. >> abouting on new features and driving supply into what they say is going to be a strong upgrade asking the smh was down worst day since december 4th broke an eight day win streak. a notable chip taking a big hit on the drag there, texas instruments which afterward mrch
5:35 pm
quarter guidance showing top line declines and frustrating investors. >> for those of you new to the show, stocks go down when there are more sellers than buyers. >> weird >> doesn't happen a lot with apple. who is buying -- josh outlined some of the bearish analysts takes. recently it has gotten two down grades, a bunch of union shipment cuts for the march quarter. the stock is only off 3% from its all time high. >> shallow not saying it couldn't come further. and tony sack naggy was talking about units, concerned about the number of units, is this going to lower, but he also talked about pricing power. you talk about the fact that the revenue and earnings could be coast to in-line, maybe a little below or above, somewhere in there but that's still a concern. i'm less concerned about that. because they are going to have to show me once and for all that the units is not what everybody is starting to revise now. i'm not believing that right now. i know they are talking about
5:36 pm
the suppliers. but katie hubert was talking about china and the numbers they are running right now and they are significantly different than what we are hearing today. we will have to find out when they deliver to us what those numbers truly are. >> iphone x weakness is in china. >> that's what i'm saying. but they have completely different views. >> i listened to tony. i thought it was an interesting balanced call. >> he wasn't negative. >> no. if the units really are being cut sequentially 50% it means there is no iphone super cycle et cetera a not happening. that thing was a myth last year. then you have to think about this, most of these iphone xs sold at about $1200. asp's on average were $650 did this company f the units are bad can they guide down units for 2018, did they make one of the most mastive mistakes ever in a product that accounts for 70% of their sales that's the question i'm not telling you it's right
5:37 pm
or wrong or anything like that. >> except their margins go up. and revenue numbers still. >> the cycles are being elongated. how often do you buy a laptop. >> only elongated because there was component issues you can't tell me if they had everything in place we would have seen a much more condensed upgrade cycle. i think they threw the 8 on top of the x confused a lot of people that with different launch dates. >> and there was price cuts on the sevens and they were selling more of those. to say ammel is not going to hold on to asps and mother-in-laws asian hardware, samsung or any of these guys that are growing and stealing market sharks it is a factor for apple i agree with that. but i think apple has proven they can hold on to moirns at a time when they are growing their services business. but this is a 2% pullback. >> how does the chart look >> it always looks fine. this is a blip on the screen
5:38 pm
getting back to semis, i am a sure you discussed last night, texas instruments, i don't think the guide was horrible last night but people said it trades at 22 times forward earnings, maybe it doesn't deserve this valuation but it went from $195 to $120 in two weeks this is probably to help the recovery qualcomm comes at the end of the month. fur lying for a flyer in the space, i think with all the news circulating around qualcomm that's the one that will get you done. >> before qualcomm, we have got intel. they are reporting tomorrow after the bell and it's implying some interesting moves. >> it's outperforming the market and the smh. intel down we know the reasons. call volume ran hot today. three times average daily volume implied move for friday, 3.5%. that is a little rich to the 3.25% ank over the last four
5:39 pm
quarters identifying some action here, the largest trade of the day was a block of 7500 of the february 50.5 calls i'm sorry, the jan week lees traded around 15 cents. to me, that's a long shot. to me, i don't know if they were bought or sold but it is interesting you are seeing action there above the 52week highs. we have a one year chart we know is stock break out after the q 3 earnings it held those gains. i suspect you see the stock in the range it has been in over the last couple of months. >> intel had a lot of paper over the last weeks most of it is bullish. there is protection in there as well, looks like it to me. dan, when you look at that and see them going as high up as they are right now do you view that as somebody trying to protect a stock position in some way >> it would be leverage for a breakout we have a long term chart. this is a 20 year chart.
5:40 pm
it has not gotten back to its bubble highs, when i say bubble, the last bubble not the current bubble it could be heavy raj on a long position. >> he said the current bubble, too. i picked up on that. >> kidding. >> for more options action, check out the show at 5:30 on fridays. >> lion's gate has a target on its back are any of the takeover rumors true lion's gate vice chairman michael burns will be here. plus, pot has been hot this year tim seymour has one high flying name he says could light uyop ur portfolio. find out what it is when he delivers his fast pitch. much for "fast money" after much for "fast money" after this there's so many opinions out there, it's hard to make sense of it all well, victor, do you have something for him? >>check this out. td ameritrade aggregates thousands of earnings estimates into a single data point. that way you can keep your eyes on the big picture. >>huh.
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welcome back to "fast money. lights, camera, deals, a number of potential takeover targets have emerged in the media space. julia. >> analysts were asking questions during verizon's call yesterday and comcast's call today as everyone looks to see what consolidation will follow at&t's pending acquisition of time warner and disney buying fox's entertainment assets ceo lowel mced a ms of lion's gate said there is nothing going on with us regarding a large media play
5:44 pm
this morning, comcast ceo brian roberts weighed in on his company's potential deals. >> you look at inorganic opportunities that come along and you have a bar i think i would say that there is nothing we feel we have to acquire. i think that's an important point to emphasize so i think we set it high. >> there is still plenty of speculation. new street research saying it believes comcast is committing to more stock buyback purchases incase mna presents itself shares moving on speculation of a recombination of the two companies, and lion's gate could be part of the abc viacom acquisition. or it would be taken over by amazon >> so is lion's gate a deal
5:45 pm
target let's find out here now is michael burps. vice chairman of lion's gate nice to see you it's time to try a little plead the if i have of the. that's a rip off of andy cohen we are going to ask you three questions, you can only pass or plead the fifth on up with of them. >> wow >> first up, what are your thoughts about a potential deal with verizon >> again, i saw the comments that they didn't have any big deals on the horizon it would be interesting to hear the definition of big. obviously, verizon has a giant market cap again, i wouldn't specifically talk about a deal but i think verizon ultimately has to decide what business they are going to be in. -- ud buzzer ] >> whoa. >> tough crowd. >> that didn't seem. >> he is saying it doesn't make any sense for -- >> all right so he's --
5:46 pm
mean there is also the notion of basically making a deal with a phone company. can you see the synergies there. that's what a is verizon deal is, broadband and phone. >> you look at at&t. that's a phone company they are a giant, 800 pound gorilla. and we are very interested in that anti-trust lawsuit. >> okay. let's move on here what about comcast, the parent company of our networks? does that make sense the deal with comcast >> the comcast universal deal i think was the deal of the century in the media space besides some of the deals that iger has done over at disney again, you have to show organic growth or you have to buy -- make acquisitions, something like us would obviously be a bolt on acquisition for them. >> that would make sense for a comcast/lion's gate tie up >> nice applause. >> and finally michael, your take on a deal with amazon >> again, you have got amazon,
5:47 pm
with what is it, 70 million prime subscribers? huge, huge customer base we are doing a lot of business with them. we leased a couple of movies with them, big sick as well as manchester by the sea. we are a customer of amazons and we think there is more to do with them. >> more to do with them. whoa we want to get to a bonus round, this is what julia mentioned, a recombination of cbs viacom which would then combine with lion's gate. does that make sense to you? >> i do think the combination between the two of them, i think that may ultimately happen for no other reason other than you have got shari redstone of the roadstone family that controls both. it could be a combination. it could be a two or three way deal. >> we have been sort of going through this to get your take on each one for the one that you said would make sense for comcast, have you talked to brian roberts, have you talked to our bosses about any of that, about a potential
5:48 pm
tie up or something deeper than a partnership. >> i could never say specifically who we are talking about. but we talk to everybody all the time we are now a $7 billion market cap company. we are a pint-sized bite for some of the giant market cap companies. again, our job is to create enhanced shareholder value we would talk to anybody at any time and see if a deal makes sense. >> it sounds like you were most open to a deal based on your answers to amazon or comcast >> i wouldn't pick a favorite potential partner. again a lot of these companies, technically in the tech space, they have to ask themselves do they want to build it or buy it? and then the question is how far ahead are others if they want to be in the streaming business and the subscription business in a bigger way, how far ahead are others if they believe they are pretty far ahead my answer would be that they would buy it as opposed to building. >> is lion's gate going to be a
5:49 pm
stand alone company in two years? >> i don't have a crystal ball john malone is the one that i know who has one of those. we have talked about predator versus prey. we are interested in the consolidation space. i mentioned at&t before, which is this 800 pound gorilla that actually bought directv. and now we look at this time warner merger and say well, wait a second, you now have an 800 pound gorilla that is handing a bazooka, which we call hbo to the gorilla and saying by the way don't kill the competition, ie, showtime or starz. s that important to news michael, always great the speak with you, thank for your time. >> melissa, nice to see you. >> michael burns, the vice chair of lion's gate what do you think. >> a stud, the first we had on our show if you recall when it was a $7 stock and michael stuck to his guns. look at us ten years later where
5:50 pm
he is. good for michael burns and he doesn't have a crystal ball he doesn't know. i think they are fine doing themselves on the independent front. a name we have mentioned quite some time that is now being talked about in the same sphere is discovery communications. they are moving headquarters up here to new york i don't know if that means anything but that's a stock that has had a huge run over the last couple of weeks and i think it's going to continue to run. >> the starz deal with these guys, the stock up 75 cents cincinnati that time they integrated this company flawlessly ing a nozic. >> he said the big companies have to decide think about what netflix is doing. they had $10 million subscribers and negative cash flow this is an easy bite for somebody who wants to get into the space and compete with hbo and netflix. >> the amazon thing sounds interesting to me. the warmest he felt when you
5:51 pm
asked those questions was amazon. >> you werette reading body language stock is up, lion's gate, more than 3%. >> still ahead, pot stocks have been on fire our very own pot master, has one cannabis play he says two light up your portfolio. will the other traders take a hit or a pass. find out when he delivers his fast pitch much more "fast money" after this
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5:53 pm
welcome back to "fast money. pot stocks have been heating up,
5:54 pm
and since tim thes our resident pathmaster, we thought it was the perfect time for a pot pitch. >> i am a cannabis investor. a name up in canada, trades under the leaf ticker. to me there are a couple of things that are important. best in class in terms of operation. best ebitda mother-in-laws, they are cash flow positive they are making money. they are the number two player in canada. and they are the number two player in canada at a time when canada is the global leader right now. they are fully medical and going to be fully recreational in july and they are going from medical to recreational. the key here is this is the name of a company that has been exposed on the medical side. they are building a brand at the same time. they are also building a -- they are building a business that's
5:55 pm
based upon the genetics. in fact a lot of the strains are come from israel where there is medicinal efficacy testing that's been proven in a lot of areas. the stock has been on a run-in the last year. this is the session's bottom remember, if they remove that cold bill, melbardis marijuana in the u.s., which is where they are not at right now is still fine this is why you are a cannabis investor. >> do they have enough of a headstart to fend off the competition we know is coming down the pike? >> i think they do i think the bigger issue for a lot of these producers is truly what's going on with pricing if you think about it in the commodity space there is always a commodity response i think the bigger getting bigger, there is a land grab with canty, med releaf, aurora, i think they are going to be
5:56 pm
either consolidated by the big boys, or they are the ones who push everybody else out. >> time to vote. are you buying tim's pitch on med relief pete? >> i love the cash flow positive tim had a good sell. i professor scott's miracle grow but i love this name as well. >> dan >> i say you fire it up with tim and buy this bad boy he is doing a little peer lynch investing. trying the product. >> nobody said that he tried the product, by the way. >> i'm just saying good for him if he has apparently it's legal in some states should try it. i'm with tim cash flow positive bankers behind them. solid margins. >> gitdy up. >> exactly. >> getty up. >> vote on twitter poll. on twitter at "fast money. on twitter at "fast money. results right after this what about a dedicated service team of trading specialists?
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it keeps everybody kind of honest that way. who knew a tiny sensor could help keep the food chain safe? ♪ welcome back to "fast money. i'm kayla touche in washington the president speaking to reporters and making headlines on the russia investigation, and on immigration he says he looks forward to speaking with special counsel robert mueller and that his lawyers tell him that will happen in two to three weeks on immigration, he says d.r.e.a.m.ers should get legal status immediately and he is open to a path of citizenship in ten to 12 years. melissa back to you. >> pete najarian, is this an uncertainty for the markets, the president talking to mueller >> it is interesting but if you want volatility, i think we are going to see volatility this the markets. >> fair enough time for the final -- you know
6:00 pm
what -- >> rkre, regional banks, going higher. >> continue. >> leaf dodd to. med relief. >> my mission is simple, to make you money i'm here to level the playing field for all investors. there's always a bull market somewhere, and i promise to help you find it. "mad money" starts now hey, i'm cramer. welcome to "mad money. welcome to cramerica other people want to make friends. i'm just trying to make you some money. my job is not just to entertain but to educate and teach so call me at 1-800-743-cnbc or tweet me @jimcramer. how many darn sessions can you have in one day? we have


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